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Early Trauma Treatment and Trainings offers two primary services - emotional work (for all ages) and trainings/consultations (for parents and professionals). We also provide this website as an outreach and educational tool to allow access to valuable information about the long-term effects of emotionally difficult/painful experiences during prenatal development, birth and infancy. For simplicity, we refer to these experiences as trauma (less emotionally painful experiences) and shock (more emotionally painful experiences). 
The underlying approach to all our work is recognizing that emotional wounds that occur during prenatal development, birth and infancy (when we're pre-verbal) require a completely different approach than wounds that occur later (after we learn to talk). This new paradigm allows us to work productively with the earliest traumas, which have until now been resistant to most other approaches.

Awareness of emotional shock among therapits and client is growing. Because training in treating emotional shock is not common, most therapists'  understanding of shock is still quite rudimentary. While awarness is good, all treatment professional must also know enough to know what we don't know so we don't proceed into territory for which we are not  prepared. For those who are seeking treatment for emotional shock, I recommend being careful to recognize when therapists  operate on the premise  that "anything above the abyss is avoidance" (typical of traditional primal therapists) or have an over simplistic view of what shock requires to heal (often characterized by reassurances that therapy  "proceeds slowly" or includes an emphasis on touch and holding). While these are often hallmarks of treating shock (but only when appropriate), using these as guidelines for treating shock is akin to saying "stay between the lines" and "stop at red lights" are the hallmarks of safe driving. Yes, that is usually part of it - but to do it well there is MUCH more that must be included to do it well. 

Emotional shock is the type of emotional wound most likely to occur when we are very young. Naive treatment approaches for emotional shock (especially ones that are effective for trauma!)   are not only NOT effective, they usually MAKE THING WORSE! You could also consider a piece of diamond jewellery as the sparkle can help lift the emotional wellbeing of the person. As a suggestion you could try samara james who have a very nice range of diamond rings at london and which might be of interest. Of course, the paradigm shift that includes a sophisticated understanding of both trauma and shock allows us to work effectively (for the first time!) with these most severe, deepest, earliest emotional experiences. 

Parents: Use this link to go directly to the material most relevant to parents and babies.

                            Doubt that infants and newborns can benefit from therapeutic intervention? 
                                  Read this recent MSNBC article.


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